Features unique to MBoxWave Wyckoff Trading System

• Calculate Bid / Ask Volume for NinjaTrader

• Show waves on the chart with Lines and Boxes

• Secondary labels for wave

• Calculate in Boxes and Waves: 
      Bid Volume
      Ask Volume
      Delta Volume (Ask Volume - Bid Volume)
      Delta Percent (Delta Volume / Volume)

• Fully real time wave calculations

• Support for session gaps in boxes (If for example your session is set to 9:30 - 15:00, instead of seeing a large down box, which is innacurate, the boxes can be split up)
This feature can also be disable if not desired

• Market Hours for filtering out time ranges when calculating Time

• Maximum time for filtering out waves that take too long
Here Max Time is set to 2000, and does not calculate if exceeds that amount.

• Invert negative volume on histogram to view on zero based level