MBoxWave Wyckoff Trading System

The MBoxWave Wyckoff Trading System, is meant to provide the best possible information in analyzing the markets to find profitable trades based on variations of volume, length and time analysis using Wyckoffian Logic. Wyckoff talked about looking at the markets in waves, and to look at the volume, length and duration of these waves. When the up waves begin to diminish in volume, length and duration, watch out for a reversal. The MBoxWave Trading System helps find and define these points. A number of examples will be shown to show the power and effectiveness of this system.

Boxes and Waves

A box is a wave, and show the smallest wave size. Visually it allows you easily to see waves within waves. You can judge the quality of a bigger wave (the zig zag lines) by looking at the inner waves (boxes). It greatly helps to sooner spot reversals as well as problem areas such as when a trend finishes. The boxes help you visually see the inner waves very easily. It is easy to compare them in length and width. The width has a correlation to volume if using a tick based chat. If using a volume based chart, the width will correlate directly to volume. 

Since the length of the boxes can be very easily seen, I like to compare them to their corresponding box time. Very quickly you will see how box length, volume, and time work together. Then begin looking at the larger waves, which show more movement and force. Take a look at the examples to see the power in combining waves and boxes in analysing the markets.