MBoxWave Apprenticeship & Training

"The first rule of a good trader is to ASK for help."

Overview of Training

Below you will find answers on how we structure the MBoxWave Apprenticeship & Training for new traders. We use both a Private Chat Room for text chat with image / file sharing and Screen Sharing with FULL Voice conversation because it allows us to share a screen during live market hours and trading early in the session. We cover all of the MBoxWave setups in detail especially the Algorithmic Buy / Sell Signals and strategies such as Fatty Momentum Strategy and Buy / Sell Imbalances Strategy. You will learn the most important aspects of trade management and trading psychology including entries, exits, stops, position sizing, risk management, profit taking, maximizing gains, minimizing losses, while maintaining minimal emotional exertion and reducing self doubt. The end result is you will be trading with a plan that can be followed, while maintaining self discipline.

Some Details on the Trading Room: The room is open from 9:00 am EST until 12:00 pm EST. This allows members to see the markets during the first two hours of trading. The first two hours (which are the busiest times of the day) because you have the large speculators, Funds, Market Makers and HFT players at their optimal times… as the day goes on after the London close… these traders start to peel off and thus produces choppy trading after the London close (11:30 am EST). 

Many traders who are excited to learn or eager to make winning trades forget something about Day Trading versus Swing Trading... you have to deal with diminishing energy returns (most traders are completely clueless about this). Read this to better understand why you have a 2 to 3 hour ZONE where you will have your best trading results

Once you purchase the Apprenticeship & Training, you will receive 2 emails on how to join the Training room and your software download of MBoxWave with the GRANDFATHER PACKAGE. Both will have information on how to get setup. The installation of the software takes only about 5 minutes, and we provide complete documentation on how to do so.
Training FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
- Does it consist of a series of videos? One on one sessions? If so, how many?
The Training Room is set up like a Mastermind Group. The reason for this is simple, I've been working with traders one on one and in groups since 1993 and I have seen various different ways to teach traders, but one of the fastest and most efficient ways to teach traders is to work in a Mastermind Group Setting where participants can be around other experienced traders. Having a Mastermind Group allows for the fastest results because its like teaching someone how to ride a bike... they don't need a book or manual, they get on the bike and someone is there with them guiding them through the process. Learning to trade via Book, Seminar or Video is almost impossible... I have seen a few people do this over 30+ years, but it is not as fast and goes on like a long trial by error test. 
- What is the format of the Training Room?
Since the Training room is structured like a Mastermind Group, this has several benefits as it allows new traders to learn and follow the experienced traders in the morning. We have Ex-Floor traders, Fund Managers and Market Makers who have our product. So what we do is blend this information into the Live Trading room and we use trading tools that allow you to see the Passive and Aggressive game live... we can see where orders are sitting in the book and therefore use this information for our advantage... and we share it with you.

What happens is we will focus this time of the day to look for trades setups. In the morning its busy so you need to concentrate on setups, but once traders are finished then you will find them talking and helping those who are looking for setups. This works out best for the experienced traders because once they have finished trading they can direct their attention to helping new traders or traders that want to learn and go over what trades they see and can learn from other members (this is where the apprenticeship learning really helps the trader accelerate the new traders learning curve). 

- How long does it take to go through the training? Weeks? Months?

Here is another advantage... go at the pace YOU want not what is spoon fed to you. There is no rush to learn anything, the markets will be there tomorrow, so take your time. We have new people joining the room all the time, so we repeat and cover the same material numerous times. What's interesting is people tell us, the repetition of hearing the material many times allows them to solidify the concepts.

- I can only trade part-time for now...is that an issue?
Most of the traders in here do not trade all day... some of them only trade from 9:30 am until 11:30 am (same time London closes). We also have a group of traders in Europe that trade Spot Forex and Currency Futures... two of them were floor traders in London and one of them is an ex-fund manager (All Retired and in their late forties). These traders look at other markets was well, like Crude Oil, Gold and Index markets because they impact the currency market. On average, if you look at the top 8 markets on the CME, those are what we trade because Order Flow works best on liquid markets.
- Is the Training Room open every day during the trading session?
- What will be the duration of the training? And at what times?
The Trading sessions will start at 9:30 am EST and go until the London Close 11:30 am EST (once we are done trading we can start taking questions and go over any past trades). We close the room at 12:00 pm EST 
- Are there any prerequisites?
There are no prerequisites to enter the Training Room. In fact, the less prior trading experience you have, the easier it is to work with. If someone has the ability to start fresh with a clean slate then that will work best. Sometimes traders will show up with prior knowledge of different trading material and it just adds to the deprogramming issue.
One area we find that helps traders is if they have had the own their own business because these traders understand losses are part of the game and do not get too attached to positions which tend to put traders on a personal and emotional level. Always remember... it just a trade, it's nothing personal, just business.
How do you think in probabilities instead of fear? Because if you want to be a successful trader you need to think in probabilities. You cannot let hope and fear rule the trades. People with salaries go to work they never lose money, trading is dealing with an uncertain environment... most traders early in their career will understand something about Loss and Hope: Pain is what you walk through.Misery is what you sit in... this is why it's extremely important to learn trading from experienced traders who have already been down the road that leads to TRADERS HELL... Most traders don't plan to go there, but end up there by trying to do things on their own or by listening to those who never made it out.
- How do I get started after purchasing the Training Room?
You will get a link at 9:00 am EST each morning with instructions on how to connect to the Chat and Live Screen Sharing with full voice conversation. You will also be able to communicate with other traders in the open room or privately.
- If you have a one day pass in the room please note
You guys are free to come into the room, but here’s the deal...This is NOT a trading room run by a dictator... this is a room run by professional traders, this is a MasterMind room. Which means we talk and communicate.
So you need a headset for your PC or smart phone where you can download the Zoom App from your phone. I personally use a smart phone with the Zoom App and the sound quality is better than listening and talking on the headset with a computer but either way you need to communicate.
The reason we communicate with the traders is because this is a MasterMind room. I’m not here to talk at you... I’m here with my team to show you HOW TO TRADE. This is not a room that spoon feeds you trades, you are going to learn how to trade and the best way to teach trading is through an apprenticeship... which means we MUST be able to communicate with you.
If you do not communicate or participate in the room then it’s a waste of time for both of us and the members in the room. I’ve been in the trading business over 30 years, this room has some of the best traders in it and some of them were professional floor traders that had careers on the floor for over 20+ years.
These guys are very serious and older, so they do not like to have their time wasted by traders who are not committed. This is not a vacation, please leave your baggage at home, but if you’re serious about learning how to trade, this room is a great fit for you and the members. You must engage in a verbal dialog or my courtesy to you will be terminated. Here's another, try to think before you speak, just because you have something to say doesn't mean we want to hear it... if you have a question ASK so that we can help you.
So, before you enter the room please have your headset for your Computer working or go to your smartphone and go to the app section and download the Zoom app for your phone.
The room starts at 9:00am EST (unless we have news out at 8:30am) I look forward to seeing you in the room. Log in with your real first name, we don’t need your last name. Having said that, we look forward to having you in the MBoxWave Mastermind Training room
Head Instructor Information
Instructor: Matt Bowen
Bio: Veteran trader with 30+ years of experience. Full time trader using MBoxWave Wyckoff Trading System
Email: matt@mboxwave.com