Buy / Sell Imbalances Strategy

The Buy / Sell Imbalances Strategy uses Supply & Demand combined with No Supply / No Demand with the Three Stooges Algorithm to identify trade setups.

Indicators to load

1. MWaveChart - Set to show Total Volume and Delta Volume. Pick Three Stooges or Three Stooges Delta Algorithm.
2. MBoxChart - No settings required.
3. MBoxHistogram - Set to Delta Volume and invert set to False.
4. MCumulativeDelta - Pick a period. The examples below use a period of 20.

Timeframes to Trade

This strategy works on any chart type. For example you can use Time, Tick, Range, etc...

How it works:

1. Confirm Supply or Demand
2. Confirm No Supply / No Demand
3. Read Buy / Sell Imbalance Signals generated by Three Stooges or Three Stooges Delta.


Example 1: Crude Oil - 5 Range Chart


Example 2: E-mini Nasdaq - 200 Tick Chart


Example 3: E-mini Dow - 1 Minute Chart


Example 4: E-mini S&P - 500 Tick Chart


Example 5: FOREX - EURUSD H1