MultiCharts Installation Instructions

1. MAKE SURE TO DO THIS STEP FIRST: Set your MultiCharts user here

2. Download latest version of MBoxWave for MultiCharts here (Save zip to your desktop)

3. Extract the zip file to your Program Files -> TS Support -> MultiCharts64 directory like in the image below.
(If you used a custom installation folder, use that instead)

4. In MultiCharts click File -> New -> PowerLanguage Editor

5. In the PowerLanguage Editor, Click on File -> Import Read-Only

6. Select mboxwave file and click Open 
(Make sure you are in the folder where you extracted the mboxwave zip file. The default is Program Files -> TS Support -> MultiCharts64)

7. In the Import Studies, make sure all the indicators are selected and click OK

8. After the import, you can close the PowerLanguage Editor window.
Now return to your MultiCharts window, right click on a chart and click "Insert Study"

9. You can now select the MBoxWave indicators to be added to the chart