NinjaTrader Changelog

Version 2.88
       Recompile on

Version 2.85
       Add Algo Label Offset

Version 2.84
       Implement tick sorting on bid / ask data

Version 2.82
       Major Performance gains on all indicators due to function optimizations (20% to 40% faster)

Version 2.80
       Fix rare MCumulativeDelta issue where delta becomes out of sync

Version 2.77
       Enable always sync for dataseries

Version 2.75
       Fix color issue in MBoxHistogram on gap bar days on daily or higher time frames

Version 2.74

Version 2.72
       Fix MBoxChart and MBoxHistogram when viewing chart with a circuit breaker market halt
       Recompile on

Version 2.71
       Enable all Algos by default

Version 2.70
       Recompile on

Version 2.68
       Update to Market Analyzer integration

Version 2.67
       Fix MGannSwing issue when loading renko / line break chart

Version 2.66
       Fix accessing MGannSwing as an indicator using the API

Version 2.65
       Address templates / workspaces when upgrading to latest NT8 version

Version 2.64
       Recompile on

Version 2.63
       Recompile on

Version 2.62
       Native Delta Volume now supported on the Free version of NinjaTrader 8 for all the indicators

Version 2.61
       Fix authenticating with IP address

Version 2.60
       Recompile on

Version 2.59
       Recompile on

Version 2.58
       Updated API Guide to select multiple algorithms

Version 2.55
       Option to select different delta types

Version 2.53
       Support for adding multiple signals with one instance

Version 2.50
       Recompile on
       Significant performance improvements

Version 2.47
       Algo Filter Exports added for API

Version 2.45
       Algo Filters added to MWaveChart and MGannSwing

Version 2.43
       MGannSwing Indicator

Version 2.42
       Export Algo Signal data series in MWaveChart

Version 2.41
       Recompile on

Version 2.38
       Last version for NT7
       MBoxHistogram color painting when not drawing as block
       NT8 Recompile on

Version 2.37
       NT8 Only. Recompile on

Version 2.36
       NT8 Only. Update to support MBidAskOscillator Strategies using API!

Version 2.35
       MBidAskOscillator Indicator Released!

Version 2.34
       Support for Delta Volume on Long Time Frame Charts (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Version 2.31
       NT7 Set Maximum Look Back on bars to Infinite for MWaveChart
       NT8 Added support for native Bid Ask Volume. This became available since NT8 version

Version 2.28
       NT8 Recompile on

Version 2.26
       NT8 Update API

Version 2.22
       NT8 Support for Market Analyzer

Version 2.21
       NT8 Recompile on
       NT8 API for accessing MBoxWave variables in Strategies

Version 2.20
       Second label offset for MWaveChart. Fix saving templates

Version 2.19
       Fix computation of length for High / Low Wave

Version 2.18
       Update to support High / Low Wave
       Update to support High / Low Wave

Version 2.14
       NT7 Recompile with 7.0.1000.37. Update to MAutoFloorCeiling
       NT8 Recompile with Update to MAutoFloorCeiling

Version 2.12
       Maintenance Release

Version 2.11
       NT8 only. Recompile with NinjaTrader

Version 2.10
       MPace Indicator released!

Version 2.09
       Springs / UpThrusts signal add to Algorithmic buy / sell signals.
       Effort / Reward Pullback algorithm improved.

Version 2.08
       Effort / Reward Pullback signal add to Algorithmic buy / sell signals.

Version 2.07
       Performance improvements for the Algorithmic buy / sell signals.
       NT8 Recompile with latest version.

Version 2.06
       Algorithm buy / sell signals added.

Version 2.05
       NT8 only. Recompile with NinjaTrader

Version 2.04
       NT8 only. For MWaveChart, setting wave line thickness to 0 will prevent
       line from being drawn and possibly improving performance if drawing the line
       is not wanted.

Version 2.03
       MCumulativeDelta Indicator Released!

Version 2.02
       NT8 only update. Fixed MWaveChart / MBoxChart not loading in rare instances on small range charts.
       Added indicator MRightHandMargin to enforce right margin on chart.

Version 2.01
       You can now use the indicators on multiple PC's via external IP address

Version 2.00
       MAutoFloorCeiling Indicator Released!

       Apply label offset to wave label in formation

       Fix intermittent issue computing delta volume on low time frame charts for NT8

       Fix authentication issue in some windows configurations

       Recompiled with NinjaTrader Official Release
       Faster Loading for Day, Week, Month, and Year Charts

       Recompiled with NinjaTrader Official Release

       NinjaTrader 8 version released

       Improve overlay support on price panel when charting other indicators

       Better support for Windows 8 and Windows 10 when drawing objects on the price panel

       Added support for inverting "Only Down Waves" for both MBoxHistogram and MWaveHistogram

       Add Support for bid / ask, and delta volume in time, range, and volume charts.
       Previously worked only for tick charts
       Initial Release