TradeStation Installation Instructions

VERY IMPORTANT! TradeStation must have administrator privileges to load indicators from a dll file. 
Right click your TradeStation Desktop Shortcut -> Click Properties -> Compatibility Tab -> Enable "Run this program as an administrator".

1. Download the zip for MBoxWave Wyckoff Trading System for TradeStation if you have not already done so. Download page here.

2. Save the zip to your desktop.

3. Extract the zip file to your Program Files->TradeStation->Program directory like in the image below.
(For TradeStation 10, you will extract to TradeStation 10 Folder)

4. In TradeStation click Insert -> Indicator like in the image below

5. Click on Import -> Using Import / Export Wizard

6. Select Import EasyLanguage file (ELD, ELS or ELA), and click next

7. Click Browse

8. Navigate to Program Files->TradeStation->Program folder and select mboxwave like below, and click open

9. Click Next

10. Click Next again

11. Click finish like in the image below

12. Click Yes if asked to "Confirm Replacement"

13. Click OK for all the next messages