TradeStation Changelog

Version 2.15
       Algo Filters added to MWaveChart and MGannSwing

Version 2.12
       MGannSwing Indicator (Beta Version)

Version 2.11
       Improve MPace algorithm on non time based charts

Version 2.10
       MWaveChart: Label offsets now controlled separately

Version 2.09
       Recompile & Update symbols in dll

Version 2.08
       Use DTPoint instead of BNPoint on time based charts.

Version 2.07
       MBidAskOscillator Indicator Released!

Version 2.06
       Support for Delta Volume on Long Time Frame Charts (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Version 2.05
       Fix calculation mode for percent in MWaveChart

Version 2.04
       Fix computation of length for High / Low Wave

Version 2.02
       Update to support High / Low Wave

Version 2.00
       Initial Release of MBoxWave Wyckoff Trading System for TradeStation