MetaTrader Changelog

Version 2.10
       Support adding multiple MWaveChart instances.

Version 2.09
       Fix computation of length for High / Low Wave.

Version 2.08
       Update to support High / Low Wave. Feature currently in Beta.

Version 2.07
       Fixed showing alert before authentication happens for signals.

Version 2.06
       Maintenance release / Code cleanup.

Version 2.05
       MPace Indicator released!
       Springs / UpThrusts signal added to Algorithmic buy / sell signals
       Effort / Reward Pullback algorithm improved.

Version 2.04
       Effort / Reward Pullback signal add to Algorithmic buy / sell signals

Version 2.03
       Performance improvements for the Algorithmic buy / sell signals.

Version 2.02
       Algorithm buy / sell signals added.

Version 2.01
       MCumulativeDelta Indicator Released!

Version 2.0
       MAutoFloorCeiling Indicator Released!

       Better support for Windows 10

       Initial Release of MBoxWave Wyckoff Trading System for MetaTrader 4