MetaTrader Changelog

Version 2.21
       Fix rare length calculation issue in MGannSwing / MWaveChart

Version 2.20
       Fix rare extra popup after authentication already happened

Version 2.19
       Add % sign for Delta Percent
       Update Bid / Ask Volume display separately in waves

Version 2.18
       Fix Periods to Draw in MGannSwing

Version 2.17
       Algo Filters added to MWaveChart and MGannSwing

Version 2.16
       MGannSwing Indicator (Beta Version)

Version 2.15
       Recompile on MT4 build 1147

Version 2.14
       MBidAskOscillator Indicator Released!

Version 2.12
       MWaveChart drawing labels adjustment

Version 2.11
       Delta Algo improved.

Version 2.10
       Support adding multiple MWaveChart instances.

Version 2.09
       Fix computation of length for High / Low Wave.

Version 2.08
       Update to support High / Low Wave. Feature currently in Beta.

Version 2.07
       Fixed showing alert before authentication happens for signals.

Version 2.06
       Maintenance release / Code cleanup.

Version 2.05
       MPace Indicator released!
       Springs / UpThrusts signal added to Algorithmic buy / sell signals
       Effort / Reward Pullback algorithm improved.

Version 2.04
       Effort / Reward Pullback signal add to Algorithmic buy / sell signals

Version 2.03
       Performance improvements for the Algorithmic buy / sell signals.

Version 2.02
       Algorithm buy / sell signals added.

Version 2.01
       MCumulativeDelta Indicator Released!

Version 2.0
       MAutoFloorCeiling Indicator Released!

       Better support for Windows 10

       Initial Release of MBoxWave Wyckoff Trading System for MetaTrader 4