Who Am I?

Hi, my name is MBox Mike. I am an Ex Silicon Valley Senior Software Engineer. I transitioned to trading as a full time profession after my career in the valley. I developed a passion for trading and after many years of hard work and dedication came to develop my own system. I am the Sole Creator, Developer, and Active Trader of the MBoxWave Wyckoff Trading System. Following my guidelines, experience, and expertise
I will teach you how to trade! 


Training Course + Education Included

There is an Enormous Amount of Content that I have written and released on my website mboxwave.com, twitter posts, live trade videos, webinar videos, etc... If you were to consume all of the material I have posted online it would take over 100+ hours and is the equivalent to a Paid Training Course. I have chosen to include the Training and Education with the software at no extra cost. I love what I do and feel blessed in life, and this is my way of giving back. This online material will keep growing as I am committed to posting new content regularly to share my thoughts and insights into the markets.


OK, Lets Get Started!


Step 1 - Subscribe to my Facebook / Twitter / YouTube Channel

I regularly post new content online with my trades, setups, and how I read the charts. This helps reinforce the concepts. I am a big believer in that "Repetition is the Mother of all teaching". This is the best way to learn and has helped many become successful.

- Subscribe to the or MboxWave Facebook Page or MBoxWave Twitter Page (both have the same content)
- Subscribe to the MBoxWave YouTube Channel
- Sign up for the MBoxWave Newsletter "TRADE OF THE DAY" on the MBoxWave Home Page


Step 2 - Introduction Webinar

Watch my MBoxWave Order Flow Webinar. This will introduce you to the system and how it works. After watching this webinar it will give you a good idea as to what MBoxWave is all about and the theory behind the system.


Step 3 - Cover the Basics

Familiarize yourself with the Indicators, Signals, and example Strategies

Basic Laws of Supply and Demand
Wyckoffian Logic & Important Concepts

All indicators explained
Wave Indicators

All Algorithmic Buy / Sell Signals explained
Three Stooges Signal 
Effort / Result Pullback Signal
Springs & UpThrusts Signal 

Example Strategies
Fatty Momentum
Buy / Sell Imbalances 


Step 4 - MBoxWave Webinars 

There is a list of webinars available to watch on the Webinar page. Take the time to watch them as each will provide new insight.


Step 5 - MBoxWave Live Trade Videos

Available on the Live Trade Videos page. There are a LOT of these videos. I make a point of recording my trades on a regular basis. Watching these videos will provide reinforcement of the concepts I am teaching and I also show how I do my trading in which I share my analysis and insights into how I take trades, where exactly to enter / exit, and the reason behind it. 


Step 6 - Ongoing Education

I update my Facebook pageTwitter page, and YouTube Channel on a regular basis. This is where your ongoing educational and instructional material will come from. There is much to be gained by carefully studying everything I have written and posted online. There are hundreds of examples on Facebook / Twitter and over 40 videos (content keeps growing).


Step 7 - Homework

As you go through the content I have posted, you can start by taking notes and you will notice that I keep talking about the same concepts (Demand, Supply, No Demand, No Supply, Exhaustion, Imbalances, Effort / No Result, etc.... As you go through these examples write down what these terms mean and then look for similar setups on your charts. Draw up the charts like I show on my Twitter page and in the Live Trade Videos. This will get you into a habit and learning to see the charts the way I do. After you expose yourself to learning and practicing consistently you will be well on your way.

Can you draw up a chart like how I show? Your task is to do this on a regular bases. This way you will be able to see setups more quickly, and then even be able to see setups without drawing up the chart once you become more experienced.

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