NinjaTrader Market Analyzer

The NinjaTrader Market Analyzer is a high powered quote sheet that enables real-time market scanning of multiple instruments based on your own custom criteria.  You can use the Market Analyzer to display indicator, market and trade data in a highly customizable manner. Some very powerful features include creation of custom Alerts, Notifications, and Automatatic Trades entries based on a wide variery of conditions you set yourself.

The indicators supported in the Market Analyzer are MWaveChart, MGannSwing, MPace, MCumulativeDelta, MBoxHistogram, MWaveHistogram, and MBidAskOscillator. You can observe any of the properties that can be displayed by those indicators. For example, you can use MPace to track momentum, MCumlativeDelta / MBoxHistogram to watch Supply & Demand, MWaveHistogram to see overall Volume. The combinations are only limited to your imagination.