Sierra Chart Changelog

Version 2.50
       Support for adding multiple signals with one instance

Version 2.47
       Algo Filters added to MWaveChart and MGannSwing

Version 2.42
       MGannSwing Indicator (Beta Version)

Version 2.41

Version 2.40
       Improve MPace algorithm on non time based charts

Version 2.38
       Export Algo Signal data series in MWaveChart

Version 2.34
       MBidAskOscillator Indicator Released!

Version 2.33
       Support for Delta Volume on Long Time Frame Charts (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Version 2.32
       Fix for boxes sometimes not being displayed correctly.

Version 2.30
       MWaveChart performance improved. New Sierra Chart drawstyle used.

Version 2.17
       MAutoFloorCeiling performance improved

Version 2.16
       64-bit Sierra Chart now supported

Version 2.13
       Added option "Periods to Draw" to MWaveChart.

Version 2.12
       Fix computation of length for High / Low Wave.

Version 2.11
       Update to support High / Low Wave. Feature currently in Beta.

Version 2.10
       Maintenance release / Code cleanup.

Version 2.09
       MPace Indicator released!

Version 2.08
       Recompile with updated Sierra Chart headers.

Version 2.06
       Springs / UpThrusts signal add to Algorithmic buy / sell signals.
       Effort / Reward Pullback algorithm improved.

Version 2.05
       Effort / Reward Pullback signal add to Algorithmic buy / sell signals.

Version 2.04
       Performance improvements for the Algorithmic buy / sell signals.

Version 2.03
       Algorithmic buy / sell signals added.

Version 2.02
       MCumulativeDelta Indicator Released!

Version 2.0
       MAutoFloorCeiling Indicator Released!

       Optimization of MWave algorithm. Can now choose zig zag color going up or down.

       Fixed ability to change color on down boxes for MBoxHistogram

       Added support for inverting "Only Down Waves" for both MBoxHistogram and MWaveHistogram

       Release to