The indicators in the MBoxWave Wyckoff Trading System are designed to work together and to recognize areas of supply / demand imbalances to exploit in the markets. It consists of the following indicators:


Wave Indicators

The Wave Indicators are based on Wyckoff Logic and concepts. Wyckoff talked about viewing market movements as a series of waves to better understand its movement. The Wave Indicators allow you to see the markets as a series of movements, going up and down continuously and identify areas of supply / demand.


The MGannSwing is a very powerful indicator depicting order flow and the constant battle between supply and demand very clearly. It utilizes W.D. Gann's swing chart construction rules for drawing waves on the chart. The waves produced by the Gann Swing find relevant high / low points and show in which direction price is trending. Since the waves are fractal in nature, the settings never have to be changed regardless of timeframe.


The MCumulativeDelta Indicator is great for showing the Cumulative Delta Volume. It helps identify areas of balance and imbalance where price meets buying / selling, or lack thereof. In the case of imbalances this presents great trading opportunities


The MAutoFloorCeiling Indicator is able to determine Support / Resistance levels automatically using a powerful proprietary algorithm with over 2 years of research. When exploiting supply / demand imbalances it is always best to take entries at support / resistance levels as these produce the most powerful moves.


The Pace of the Trade indicator show the Velocity (speed) of the tape and allows you to see the speed at which the BIDS are being HIT and the speed at which the OFFERS are being lifted.


The MBidAskOscillator separates volume into trades executed at the best bid price and trades executed at the best ask price. This indicator gives you insight into the market action because you can see whether sellers are aggressive or buyers are aggressive.