YouTube Video Weis Wave vs MBoxWave Wyckoff Trading System

Comparison of MBoxWave Wyckoff Trading System to Weis Wave plugin by David Weis

Feature MBoxWave Trading System Weis Wave plugin
Calculate Wave Volume Yes Yes
Calculate Wave Bid Volume Yes No
Calculate Wave Ask Volume Yes No
Calculate Wave Delta Volume Yes No
Calculate Wave Delta Percent Yes No
Calculate Wave Length Yes No
Calculate Wave Time Yes No
Calculate Wave Width Yes No
Show when Big Players enter the market Yes (MBoxHistogram with Delta)  No
Show Waves within Waves Yes (with MBox) No
Fully Real Time Wave Calculation Yes No
Support for secondary label on wave Yes No
Support for session gaps Yes No
Support for market hours (for time calculations) Yes No
Support for maximum time (time calculations) Yes No
Support divisor for wave labels Yes Yes
Quick and Responsive Support Yes No
Compute Cumulative Delta Yes No
Draw Automatic Support / Resistance Yes No
Show Speed of Tape (Pace of Trade) Yes No
Algorithmic Buy / Sell Signals Yes No
In Active Development, releasing new features periodically Yes No