About the Room

Access to the MBoxWave Trading Room is available to MBoxWave Grandfather Package Users and TradingView 5D Order Flow Package Customers. As a caveat, please note that the "Room Rules" below are enforced. As a result we have a very warm, open, and friendly atmosphere.

Overview of the Room

Welcome to the MBoxWave Trading Room! This rooms brings the entire MBoxWave community of Traders together where you can chat, discuss analysis, share screenshorts, and gain experience from other Traders using the MBoxWave indicator set. This room is also a place that can be used as an additional resource to get support while you are in the process of learning how to trade. To get the most out of this room will be directly proportional to what you put in. Be active, Ask questions, Interact with other Traders. This room has a rich mix of both experienced and new traders.

For beginners and people just joining I am making the recommendation to start marking up charts like I do and share them on this channel. Marking up charts is the best way to cement the concepts mentally. That way you would gain experience and be able to put down visually your thought process and then this can then be reviewed by other users and participants of this room. Doing this will train your brain to scan for strong setups and filter out the weak ones. The goal is to gain experience and increase your skills to become a Better and Consistently Profitable Trader. This is an informal setting, no timelines or pressure. Keep a pace that is comfortable for yourself. Feel free to share analysis and screenshots at any time.

ROOM RULES / GROUNDS FOR DISMISSAL (not a problem for 99.9% of users)

1. Be courteous. Aggressive / Offensive language will not be tolerated. Any form of harassment will not be tolerated.

2. Any manipulation, blackmail, extortion, exporting contents of the room outside of the room is immediate grounds for dismissal.

3. We are here to learn Order Flow with MBoxWave. Discussion of alternative trading styles should be done elsewhere.

How to join the Room

1. You must have the MBoxWave Grandfather Package to join the room. 

2. You must have a Discord account. If you do not, please go to the Discord Web Site and create an account https://discord.com/register.

3. Get your Discord Username, in Discord app click on User Settings. In this example the entire Username will be "John Stoke".


4. Enter your MBoxWave License Key and Discord Username using the form below. After the submission follow the on screen instructions.

MBoxWave License Key

Your Discord Username